Hirth Aircraft & UAV Engines

Hirth Aircraft and UAV Engines

Hirth Engines is a German manufacturer of very high quality engines for light aircraft, Light helicopters and UAV’s. They also make variations for portable fire pumps and Karting as well!!

Hirth Engines is the legacy of pilot, mechanic and designer, Hellmuth Hirth, born in 1886 in Heilbronn, who was a most successful German pilot before World War I.  Read more about Hirth’s history.

The products from Hirth Engines are very well known in the Microlight, Experimental fixed wing and experimental helicopter markets. The ever expanding UAV market has seen many of the original engine range modified to suit their specific control systems and there has been a continuous development of smaller engines with High technology engine management systems to suit the specific needs of this important market.

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Hirth Engines Models

  • 3003
  • 3701 ES
  • 3503 E/V
  • 2703 V
  • UAV 4103
  • Helicopter H 30ES
  • Helicopter H 37
  • Gearbox G40
  • Gearbox G50

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Hirth Light Aircraft Engines

The F33 is the 4201's big cousin for larger UAV's

The F33 is the 4201’s big cousin for larger UAV’s

S1215-Web-300x258 - Copy

F 23 with reduction drive and close fitting exhaust

The latest 4201 with servo control on the throttle

The latest 4201 with servo control on the throttle


4301 Lightweight UAV engine


3503 with heavy fuel, direct injection kit

3503e engine assembly only

3503 with port injection, suitable for Mogas and Avgas


3701, port injected and rated at 100 hp

H30 ES 102hp Light helicopter engine

3003, rated at 102 Hp with port injection and fan forced cooling


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