SC Constant Speed Controllers

To compliment our range of aircraft propellers the SprintAero Constant Speed Controllers allow pilots to set and maintain a desired RPM range for maximum power or maximum economy

SprintAero constant speed controllers

Improves your aircraft through

  • Maximum acceleration from a standstill
  • Maximized climb out
  • Improved cruise speed and economy

Controller Models

SC10a – Constant Speed Controller

We are happy to announce that we a relaunching an improved version of this simple and reliable unit. We have repackaged it into a more dash friendly shape, modernized the devices internally, updated the circuit board for better mechanical strength as well as connectivity. The new SC10B will be available Mid-August. Please contact us or sign onto the Newsletter for further info.

This unit is capable of operating almost all the electrically controller variable pitch propellers in the experimental and microlight market – please contact us if you want to fit it to an existing propeller.

Repairs and Upgrades only on this old specification model: Developed in conjunction with the original Aerotek 2000 RB range of propellers ( now SP12a through to SP50a).
This unit is available for all SprintAero produced props. Simply set the engine to the RPM you want and then flick into auto and the unit will do its best to maintain that rpm within +-40 . This system is simple, compact.

SC14a – Constant Speed Controller

Our major development is to push the logic system even further and allow the system to sense pilot power demands and vary the pitch and RPM to match the needs. Over speed protection during a rapid descent will also be part of the system that can be selected. This unit will also be able to operate, if required, with more powerful electric motors to give very high prop pitch rate changes that more traditional designs are unable to do well, so closing the difference in pitch change rates to compete with hydraulic systems.

As many with historical knowledge will know a number of late war piston fighters had this pilot demand function included to simplify operations and many turboprop systems can now achieve the same aim. We will offer the ability to have the system read throttle demand and set the revs according to preset numbers.

The purpose of the coordinated system is to lower the pilot workload and therefore improve safety and your enjoyment of the flight

The development of this is moving rapidly and we look forward to launching this product.


Applicable to almost all engines from 80 to 450 horsepower but definitely suitable to:

  • Rotax 582, 618, 912, 914
  • Jabiru 2200, 3300, 5100
  • Hirth  3501, 3502, 3503, 3701 , 3702, 3002, 3003
  • Lycoming 0-200, 0-233, 0-235, 0-320, 0-360, 0-390, o-540
  • Continental 0-200
  • VW
  • Midwest and Norton Rotaries NR588
  • Mazda Rotaries 12a, 13a, 20b, renesis
  • Chevy Ls1, Ls2, Ls2, Ls6 and Ls7
  • Chevy V6
  • Honda
  • Suzuki and Geo

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