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AeroCharger make a high quality forced induction system suitable for aircraft applications.

These self contained Turbocharges are unique in having their own lubrication and boost control. This uniqueness extends to also allowing a wide variety of installation angles to make them even easier to fit in the crowded engine bay.

Aerocharger is a time tested product with a history going back to 1970. With the ball bearing races kept out where the cool air passes of them the bearings stay cool, oil stays attached and there is no need for high pressure systems and external coolers.

Another great feature of the product which isn’t truly unique but AeroCharger are one of the longest users of the concept is the variable vane system in the exhaust feed to the turbine. This system is fully adjustable to vary when boost begins and to what level it will attain.

SprintAero also like to add a Absolute pressure controlled to maintain the same pressures up to the rated altitude of the AeroCharger unit chosen. That means no excessive boosting at low altitude and a maintenance of the pressure level required, during climb, without adjusting anything in the cockpit.

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Aerocharger odd angle installation




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