Rotax 912 & 914 fully electronic replacement ignition system

$1,750.00 NZD ex. GST

The SDS designed and built CPI ( coil pack ignition ) system is just the answer to your Rotax starting woes and it brings some real life added bonuses as well

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SprintAero proudly offer the SDS ( Simple Digital System )range of products for Experimental and Microlight class aircraft.

The Rotax 912 and 914 are well known for embarrassing their owners with poor starting performance. These OEM Rotax ignition systems are also well known to cost excessive amounts of money when their various parts fail.

The SDS designed and built CPI ( coil pack ignition ) system is just the answer to your woes and it brings so real life added bonuses as well;

  • Full spark energy
    • no matter how slow the cranking speed have full ignition power
    • Large, health sparks that fire modern sparkplug gaps with the smallest gap being 0.8 mm or 32 Thou. Modern standardised 1.1mm or 43 thou are also easily fired.
  • No more kick back as the system senses the cranking operation and retards to a programmable position, returning to the correct timing once the key is released
  • Better combustion, more power and efficiency due to the programmable variable ignition timing;
    • the correct, and very small, advance at cranking for no kick back and easy cranking
    • the correct advance at full throttle and all the way up to full operating rpm.
    • the extra advance that is required at cruise sensed by the integral MAP sensor connected to the manifold
    • the ability of have boost retarding so all your needs are covered.
  • No laptop or complex equipment required. all programming is done at the interface.
  • All wiring looms included to minimise the hassle
  • The unit can be panel mounted or placed out of the way.

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