Lightweight Prop Spacer 101.6 PCD and 20 mm thick, Including locators

$565.00 NZD ex. GST

Prop Spacer 101.6 PCD

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Specifically designed to suit the Rotax 101.6mm PCD mounting and central locator needs this short spacer moves the prop forward enough to clear cowlings that are uncomfortably close.

Precision machined from 6061 aluminium and black anodised; the result is 330 grams plus six 4130 locators at 25 grams each you have a mere 480 grams all up.

Each locator has a flat on one side to allow easy passage past the gearbox.


KIT includes;
1 of PA00484J 20mm spacer
6 of PA00485c 37 mm locator

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