Hirth 3503e Complete Kit

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Hirth 3503e near complete kit, the best in class for weight and efficiency combined!

70 hp at 6500 rpm and a ready to run weight of under 65 kg

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This wonderfully smooth and efficient twin cylinder 70 hp Hirth is a fuel injected two stroke that has what it takes to get you there and back many, many times! With a realistic 1000 hour TBO you’ll have years of low maintenance and reliable operation.

SprintAero offers an almost-complete-kit that ensures a quick and painless install with a ready to run weight of under 65 kg.

The 3503 is a drop in replacement for the Rotax 582. They use the same bolt pattern on the crankcase and can therefore use the same mount, as well as the same radiator system as a 582 ( if needed ). Unlike the older design 582, these engines have all of the modern advances Hirth engines are know for such as reed valve porting, nikisil cylinders, viton seals, and electronic fuel injection.

Features include:

  • 3503e fuel injected twin, 70 hp at a peak rpm of 6500
  • Dual ignition
  • G50 gear box at the ratio of your choice
    ( 1:2,16 – 3000 peak rpm / 1: 2,29 – 2840 peak rpm / 1:2,59 -2510 peak rpm / 1:3,16 – 2050 peak rpm / 1:3,65 – 1780 peak rpm)
  • Electric starter kit
  • Exhaust ready for EGT fittings
  • Tacho / hour meter
  • Engine rubber mounts
  • Factory matched radiator, thermostat and bypass units.
  • Dual ignition capable switch

Delivery is usually 8 weeks on Hirth Engines not held in stock, smaller items have a much shorter lead time.

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