Hirth 3003 E/V Complete Kit

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Hirth 3003 E

The 3003 is the updated  and upgraded version of the highly successful F30 flat four series.

We at SprintAero want to offer you the very best from Hirth Engines extensive list by packaging the best of the 30xx range in our standard list

We offer the 102 hp ( 75Kw) four cylinder flat four, which is fan cooled, electric started, has dual ignition, is oil injected and with the digital engine management system  as the Standard package with the G40 gearbox and rubber isolator in the drive. The Fan cooled engine has no need of extensive ducting or external radiators etc and with the fans, ground cooling is always assured.

Unrivalled in view of performance to weight, vibration, robustness, independence of position and level of  maintenance.
With optimized combustion chambers, an extremely solid crank shaft, lightened inertia weights and an easy starting operation also at even lower ambient temperatures than ever before.
The 3003 had am installed weight of under 71kg and a TBO of 1000 hours (at 75% power), Nikasil-coated Aluminium cylinders, a digital mapped ignition system and 3 years warranty for the crank shaft !

Technical data (Specifications subject to change without prior notice)

Type: Four cylinder two stroke (boxer)

Displacement: 1042 cm  Stroke: 64 mm (2,52 in)  Bore: 72 mm (2,83 in)

Max. performance: 68 kW (92 HP) at 6500 rpm (V) According to DIN 70020 75 kW (102 HP) at 6500 rpm (E) Max. torque:

Max. torque: 101 Nm at 6300 rpm (V) 116 Nm at 5500 rpm (E)

Carburation:  Multi point injection (E)

Ignition System: Digital mapped CDI Ignition System (dual plugs ):

Generator power: 250W, 12V Generator power

Cooling: Fan cooling

Weight: under 71 kg installed package weight

Starting device: Electric starter

Running direction: Counter-clockwise, view to output shaft

Mixture: 1:80-100 with BLUEMAX 2-stroke-oil, fuel min. 95 octane (1:50, other brands of 2-stroke-oil, min. 95 octane (RON)

Delivery is usually 8 weeks on Hirth Engines not held in stock, smaller items have a much shorter lead time

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