Rotax 912 / 914 bypass thermostat kit – AE00536P

$475.00 $449.00 NZD ex. GST

AE00536P, the complete bypass thermostat kit for you Rotax 912 /914. warm up fast but still have full cooling.


We have created a proper bypass thermostat system that not only brings your engine up to temperature quickly and evenly, it also fits neatly into the average engine bay.

With our custom made water pump inlet part with dual inlets we can, neatly, fit in a good quality thermostat unit that is a proper automotive style bypass.
This keeps water flowing internally when the temperatures are low so that we get even temperature rise all over the engine and then at the correct temperature the bypass thermostat blocks off the internal flow and opens up the flow to the radiator.

With the proper bypass thermostat you get full cooling we climbing out, hot and high, as well as the rapid warm up when cold. Of course the system handles keeping the engine warm on extended cruising at cooler temperatures too.

The kit comes with all the hoses, machined adapters, thermostat, stainless hose clamps and water pump inlet to suit the standard style installation.

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