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Our History

The new phase of SprintAero Ltd (previously KDE) began after taking over the product range of Aerotek 2000.  Aerotek 2000 was founded by the New Zealand design engineer Bram Water after he sold his interests in his last aviation business.

The new design was to see a reduction in complexity that would make for a Variable pitch propeller a reduced parts count and reduced weight. the change moved the load path for the props no longer passing through large threads in the hub but increased safety due to the main loads from the prop being passed directly into the hub casing via a locking collar system that traps the blade ferrule from inside the hub casing.

SprintAero has completely redeveloped the propeller systems to ensure the load capabilities, give long life and be as light as practical while looking good on the front of your aircraft. to add to our propellers we have secured the distributorship for Hirth engines, from Germany, which allows us to support the microlight and UAV markets even more.

Our Future

As we develop the propellers even further, we are able to offer them for a wider range of uses – Hovercraft, Airboats, UAV’s and wind machines.

We are excited to be developing new and cutting edge products to meet the varied and demanding needs of our clients.

NOTE: All of Aerotek 2000 products, created by Bram, are still being supported by SprintAero as best as possible.

The future for SprintAero is bright!

Our People


Phil K

Owner: Phil Kennedy

With a long history of engineering within the Kennedy clan, Phil set off down the mechanical path at a young age. His travels and work have brought him involvement with the design , operation and maintenance of a wide variety of equipment.

His work career to date has included:

  • Rally mechanic with a Semi Works FORD team in Essex, UK.
  • Engine rebuilding and development in the UK and NZ
  • Supporting a number of  Porsche Cup Cars within the NZ series, including trips across the tasman to support one owner in the Bathurst Support races.
  • Supported a successful and very seasoned NZ Superbike campaigner for a number of years.
  • The development of parts and support for the boats and outboards of the NZ Thundercat series. Which saw the growth of the class and one of our own team take a championship.
  • Designing and developing specialised electronic security systems for heavy vehicles to meet a very specific customer requirement.
  • Design work and servicing of mobile rock crushing equipment in NZ and the pacific basin.
  • Design work and world wide servicing of the only real automated mooring system, for large ships, available.

Aircraft are long ingrained in Phil with his father having worked at the Ardmore airfield in Auckland when he was very young. The place was magic for a little guy dreaming of the big world and things that fly.

The last few years has seen Phil deeply involved with the NZ Sport Aircraft Association (Auckland and Canterbury chapters) and the building of his own aircraft plus the supporting of many other builders with a wide variety of aircraft.


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