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Hirth Light Aircraft Engines

Designers and manufacturers of a very modern and quality product. Lighter than the comparable four stroke, with the advantages of being smoother and more compact as well.


Aircraft Logistics

Authorised Rotax Dealer @ Contact phone +64 21 279 1655

Located at the Rangiora Airfield, Steve Noad has a wide range of products and also knows where to find that which he doesn’t have in stock.



Aircraft Engine Historical Society

A dedicated team of guys determined that the developments that brought us here will not be forgotten. The information in the members area is even more impressive, JOIN UP!

Chassis or fuselage tube structures show complex tube notches, which we can CNC cut accurately and provide to you in a kit.

CNC precision cutting of tubes in complex and accurate ways.


Cuddon engineering Blenheim

General and specialist engineering with CAD design, CNC machining, Sheet metal and Fabrication to food grade requirements, Air-conditioning and specialist Freeze Driers.

Race engine technology

The Engineers magazine that delves into the real world of engine development and talks with those people actually doing the work

3D Cad for the professional engineer.

“Mobility engineering” A great resource

Napier engines

Keeping the history and developments of Napier alive with a great selection of books and media

Keeping the History of Rolls Royce alive with a great selection of books and media


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