Are variable pitch propellers heavier?

No, not necessarily.  SprintAero have created a great range of variable-pitch propellers for light aircraft that either weight less or the same as a conventional prop, but deliver increased power and efficiency.

NEW PRODUCT ALERT: We have formed a supply relationship with the great people at Powerfin Props and now have full access to their well designed and beautifully made carbon fibre blades. This not only broadens our capabilities, it also  lowers our weights even further! On average we reduce the blade /ferrule combination by 500 grams per blade assembly.

WEIGHT REDUCTION ALERT: the latest updates to the hubs are undergoing FEA at this time ( Finite Element Analysis – Computer based stress testing ) with an independent engineering analysis company to verify our changes for lower weight, improved finish and easier machining. As an example; the hub alone of the Sp30a -three blade unit, has been reduced by over 600 grams while maintaining full strength and improving fatigue properties

Comparisons with other brand products based on published information

2013 Data

Brand and Prop Weight incl spinner Difference
Hartzell HC-C2YK-1BF 59 lbs Reference Weight for comparison
Whirlwind 200C 47 lbs 12 Lbs less than the Hartzell
Whirlwind 200RV 41 lbs 18 Lbs less than the Hartzell
MTV 15B-183-402 54 lbs 5 Lbs less than the Hartzell
MTV 15B/183 – 50 44 lbs 15 Lbs less than the Hartzell
MTV 20B / 183 -109 48 lbs 11 Lbs less than the Hartzell
SprintAero SP20a 22 lbs 37 Lbs less than the Hartzell
SprintAero SP30a 28 lbs 31 Lbs less than the Hartzell